Firefighters rescue puppy from burning home – suddenly the puppy stops breathing

Interessante Gerüchte

In the middle of the night, Birmingham’s „West Midlands Fire Service“ got a rescue call about a burning house.

The firemen arrived at the house within minutes and assisted the homeowners in fleeing, reports the journal.

Moreover, the humans were unharmed, but the family’s small dog remained trapped inside.

The firefighters went inside and discovered the dog comatose in one of the rooms.

Thus, one of the firefighters extracted the dog from the smoke and flames and took him outside.

However, the puppy’s pulse was rapidly falling as a result of the heavy smoke inhalation.

The firefighters had only recently received „pet masks,“ which they had never used.

Despite their reservations, they hooked the puppy to the mask right away.

They keep an eye on him as he inhales slowly via the oxygen mask.

Fortunately, the dog regains awareness and becomes responsive once again!

Because of their compact size, these specifically developed oxygen pet masks are ideal for dogs.

These life-saving mask kits should be available at every fire station.

The dog is now safe and in the arms of his owners, thanks to the firemen’s fast life-saving measures! This was a thankful and so amazing job!

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