For 16 years straight this mom of 12 was pregnant making her a true supermom

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It’s difficult to believe, but this young woman has given birth for 16 years straight.

When 12 kids of all ages from family movies were discovered online, many were startled. Los Angeles native Iris Purnell is a diligent worker and a people person.

One of Iris’s favorite activities was dancing, the lovely one.

She met Cordell Purnell, the man who would become her husband, at a party and quickly felt they were a good match.

They were immediately attracted to one another, and they soon fell in love.

As professional dancers, Cordell and „Storm“ were drawn together by their love of the performing arts.

Iris finally got married, had a kid, and then took some time off work to focus on parenting. Although she wanted to work and did not want to have any more kids, she felt bad about leaving her baby alone at home.

Iris realized shortly after her daughter was born that she would eventually have a large family.

Because she found becoming pregnant and giving birth to be such an enormously fulfilling experience.

Although the couple hadn’t intended to have a large family, as time passed, they came to realize they desired more kids.

They so make the most of each day with their large family and consider themselves fortunate to have 12 children.

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