For 24 years a Chinese man has been looking for his lost daughter and finally finds her: just watch his reaction

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Many Chinese people were moved by Wang Ming Qing’s quest to find his missing daughter, Qi Feng.

He and his wife have been looking for their young daughter who disappeared when she was three for 24 years.

To broaden the scope of their search, they erected posters, ran advertisements in newspapers and on different websites, and even started working as taxi drivers. But despite everything they did, they were unable to locate their daughter.

The hunt for Qi Feng didn’t yield any results until a police artist created a picture of the suspect as an adult in 2019.

When Kang Ying, who was hundreds of kilometers away, saw the portrait, she thought the woman in the picture looked very much like her. Kang Ying was really the missing daughter of Wang Ming Qing and Liu Deng Ying, according to DNA testing.

There was not a dry eye in the house when Kang Ying and her family met her birth parents on April 3, 2019. After years of suffering,

Wang Ming Qing and Liu Deng Ying’s family were finally complete once more. When Kang Ying was a little child, her adoptive parents in Chengdu discovered her abandoned on the side of the road.

The smiles on everyone’s faces were obvious as she learned the truth about her biological family.

The tale of Wang Ming Qing’s quest to find his daughter is a monument to the strength of a loving and tenacious parent.

Seeing a family reunited after such a lengthy separation is uplifting, and this tale will certainly continue to motivate people for many years to come.

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