For the first time, Shakira told about the divorce from Gerard Pique

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After nearly 12 years together, Shakira and her partner Gerard Pique divorced in the summer. According to the sources, the footballer’s numerous betrayals caused the singer to break up with him.

Before, the couple made no attempt to explain this news, but now Shakira has decided to do so.

The singer acknowledged in a recent interview that while it is difficult for her to talk about it, there is no longer any use in keeping it a secret.

I remained silent and made an effort to get through. It’s quite difficult to discuss it right now.

The fact that our divorce was publicly made it difficult for our kids as well as me.

I have a constant paparazzi presence at my home. We can’t even take a family stroll across the city, since I have nowhere to hide from them.

I can’t go into our divorce’s specifics, but I do want to state that I gave up myself and my profession for our love.

Our children now have a real mother as a result of this. We share an incredible connection. All I have to say is that.

Remind yourself that although Shakira and Gerard Pique began dating in 2010, they didn’t disclose their relationship until one year later.

The children of the celebrities are Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.

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