Fosters take in a blind pittie, but one day she sees them for the very first time


This is the cutest moment, when a gorgeous dog that has been neglected for nearly her whole life finally finds happiness.

Hazel not only found a loving family who cared for her, but she also regained her sight. It’s a beautiful sight to see her finally seeing the people who raised her and helped her!

Despite the fact that Elli and Sam were supposed to foster Hazel, a rescue pittie, they went above and above to provide her with more than just a comfortable home until she could be adopted.

Surprisingly, the good-hearted couple eventually prevailed.“We wanted to make sure we did some research when we found out Hazel was blind,“ the foster parents told THE DODO.

„We tried to figure out the best way for her to get her bearings,“ says the narrator.

Elli and Sam put created a thorough system to excite the dog’s visual sense. They also established a secure atmosphere for Hazel to explore without fear of being hurt.

As a result, they removed all of the furniture from the room, as well as any other potentially dangerous items. Thankfully, their efforts paid off, as the blind canine improved dramatically.

Considerably so, they were only expected to foster Hazel for a short time, so finding her a permanent home would have been even more difficult.

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