Found In Bush and Hungry Flea-Infested Kitten Starts New Life With Puppy Becoming Her Best Friend


A hungry, flea-infested kitten was discovered in a bush by a passerby.

The latter handed him over to the benevolent hands of Paula Montgomery, who set up a foster family.

Within this new home, the little ball of fur met his brother of heart.

“She was found crying, with her eyes closed and completely suffocated by fleas.

She was anemic, freezing and starving,“ said a spokesperson for AWLA’s Kitten College Program, an animal shelter based in Arlington, USA.

The tiny furball, around 3 weeks old, was spotted in a bush near a church, Lovemeow reports.

When the volunteers, alerted by a passerby, picked her up, Paula Montgomery offered to welcome her to put her back on her feet.

It was then that she was given the first name Grace.

“She arrived at my house around 10 p.m., explained the foster mother, I smelled the dirt of the fleas as soon as I touched her, so I took her directly to the bath.

After being washed and treated for parasites, Grace breathed a sigh of relief and let herself be lulled by Morpheus.

“She was so exhausted that she fell asleep before her head touched her pillow,” added her benefactress.

Grace was fed every 3 hours, 24 hours a day.

As the days passed, her condition improved markedly and her energy level increased.

Once fully recovered, the kitten became eager for attention.

Paula even gave him a basket filled with soft blankets and a heating pad, a comfort he had never tasted before.

In addition to starting her new life as an indoor cat, Grace had the most beautiful encounters.

His host’s pup, Ralfie, got wind of a new animal.

Very quickly, he let curiosity take hold of him and headed over to Grace.

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