A breaking news: the man was found living in a hot car together with 47 cats

Interessante Gerüchte

It’s good to note that very often we forget about our pets by leaving them in a hot car.

Especially on this hot season, it’s better to be extra careful with them.

There are a lot of warnings everywhere around, but people seem to neglect it!

The worst thing that can ever happen is leaving your pet inside the car on a hot summer day.

You may find the outside temperature bearable, but that’s not like that inside the car.

The Animal Humane Society was shocked to know about a man who stayed with 47 cats in a hot car.

All the cats were taken to the vet and all of them received the required vaccinations, care and nutrition they need.

You may imagine how hot and uncomfortable it was for the cats to be in the car in hot June!

Most of the cats are expected to get well soon.

However, most of them were suffering from dehydration !

One of the animal lovers decided that he would give each kitten a gift up to $25,000.

The man who used to stay with 47 cats in the hot will hopefully to get well soon.

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