Four years ago the baby was born weighing just 435 grams: That’s how he grew up

Interessante Gerüchte

Little Kayo was born in the 23rd week of pregnancy, but he lived despite all the doctors‘ predictions because of his mother and father’s optimism and faith.

It’s difficult to imagine that it formerly weighed just more than 400 grams.

When Jessica Doxie was brought to the hospital at 23 weeks pregnant, she was given the diagnosis of life-threatening pre eclampsia.

A C-section was performed on the woman in an emergency. The chance of survival for a youngster that weighed only 435 grams but was breathing was only 10%.

The mother’s heart opted for option two.

Kayo was oxygen-dependent for six weeks while in a specially designed incubator, simulating the environment of the womb for growth.

A week after his birth, Jessica was allowed to go. She, therefore, took her son to intensive care each day and expressed milk each day.

The right diet and therapy were effective because Kayo was already 3.7 kg when she was released.

On Christmas Eve, the infant could be brought home by the parents.

The mother of the child recalls, „For 72 hours, I experienced excruciating pain, but I was kept alive by the hope that everything would be okay with my baby.

The Doxie family’s third child is named Kayo. Mother had faith and hope that Kayo would improve.

She frequently visited the hospital to visit her infant. . „Peace had finally returned to our home the day we carried Caio inside“.

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