Full of mats and attacked by coyotes and so the terrified pup cowers in corner all alone

Interessante Gerüchte

Faith Easdale was on her way to see relatives when she stumbled across the most vulnerable, innocent person curled up all alone on a golf course.

The young puppy, and many others like him, are discarded in a coyote-infested region.

Unfortunately, many of the dogs do not survive, but Faith was determined to save the little boy she came across.

„The next door company claimed they’ve personally rescued three dogs, and they always see dogs out there,“ Faith wrote of the Redlands, California, neighborhood on her Facebook page.

Dogs are frequently discarded and become prey for coyotes wandering the neighborhood seeking for a meal.

Because the unfortunate dog was unable or unwilling to travel on his own, he was transported on a golf cart.

Faith loaded the dog into her car and took him to a veterinarian emergency center.

He was afraid, alone, and dehydrated, so the E/R staff started to work straight away.

They suspected the dog had been bitten by a coyote.

Faith said that his mats were so thick that his tail was stuck at a 90-degree angle.

He is being cared for by the Dream Fetchers staff, and he will never have to worry about being ignored, alone, or assaulted again.

We wish you all the best and appreciate Faith’s involvement in saving this unfortunate baby’s life.

Watch the pics here to witness the terrified puppy being spared from danger.

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