Never give up: 24-year-old garbage collector from an extremely poor family entered Harvard Law School

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Rehan recently worked as a garbage collector. He is 24 years old, and his whole life was filled with adversity.

He was born into an ordinary family. They did not differ in particular financial well-being, but they did not live in poverty either.

Everything changed when the boy was 8 years old and his mother left the family.

His father tried to stabilize the financial situation and worked at three jobs for days on end. But the money was still not enough.

Because of this, Rehan barely even graduated from high school. Teachers noted his abilities, he studied exclusively for the marks “excellent” and “good”.

He could not even count on getting a higher education. But he cherished his dream.

He worked as a janitor to help his father pay off debts that had accumulated over the years.

When he came to get a job as a janitor, his colleagues were surprised when they saw next to them an energetic young man who looked quite decent. Although he came in old, shabby clothes.

Rehan’s bosses were also a little shocked. Because mostly those who do not make any ambitious plans for life agree to this job.

He often communicated with other administrative staff, maintained warm friendly relations with everyone he met on his way, showed himself as a responsible worker.

The man who hired him knew a professor at one of the local universities. Thanks to his recommendations, Rehan was enrolled at Bowie State University.

While studying at the university, he received an offer to work as a political consultant in one of the local companies.

Subsequently, the young man successfully completed his bachelor’s degree and decided to get a master’s degree.

To do this, he sent out applications for admission to several colleges and universities, including Harvard.

He doubted that he would be accepted anywhere at all. So close friends asked him to continue his education at Bowie University.

When he had already forgotten about entering the magistracy and completely devoted himself to work, a positive response came from Harvard.

He entered the Faculty of Law.

This is the story of an ordinary man from a poor family who went from a janitor to a Harvard student.

That is why you should never despair and give up. If you believe in yourself and work hard, then everything planned is feasible.

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