Gently huge and fat gorilla forms heartwarming friendship with a tiny bush baby

Interessante Gerüchte

According to the magazine, Ape Action Africa is a non-profit organization committed to the protection of endangered gorillas, monkeys, and chimps.

Every day, the caretakers examine all 300 residents; this is normal, and the findings are typically routine.

But, as it turns out, these ape occupants occasionally discover fresh ways to surprise these seasoned carers.

A caretaker discovered Bobo, a Western Lowland gorilla rescued in 1996, with an unexpected new buddy one day.

„Our gorilla carer saw Bobo cuddling a newborn, wild jungle infant during his morning inspections.“

The bush baby exhibited no fear of Bobo, roaming about his body and spent time bouncing around in an empty grassy area, before deciding to return to Bobo.”

This is especially rare given that Bobo is the dominant male in his group, having resisted efforts by other vicious gorillas to usurp his position.

And, moreover, it turns out that this colossus has a soft side as well.

„Because bush babies are normally nocturnal, seeing one during the day is quite uncommon.“

We’ve never seen a wild ape engage with a rescued primate at Mefou Sanctuary.

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