Giant Mastiff has no hurry to complete agility course and wins the crowd


First things first; agility is a sport that not many people have heard of, but that most dog lovers will most likely appreciate.

The sport is meant to prove a dog’s discipline and willingness to work with his owner in a wide array of situations.

Dogs who are good at this sport are usually very intuitive, disciplined and have a strong bond with their handler.

Agility is before all an athletic event that requires conditioning, extreme concentration, hours of training and a dog’s ability to work as part of a team.

As you can see, it’s definitely no walk in the park, and dogs that have come to master this sport are extremely intelligent animals.

Yet, in the funny video below, you’ll get to see one of the best agility course participant there is, and what he can do will surely leave you speechless. Well, kind of!

Because, the gentle giant named Zeus seems to have his very own way ‘to run’ through the obstacles. While competing at the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver, Colorado, the massive dog definitely failed the agility course as he recorded the slowest time ever.

But instead, he won each and every heart in the stands, and that’s a big deal, though.

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