Giselle became a mother at the age of 60: How her daughter Cleopatra lives and looks now

Interessante Gerüchte

This story terrified the entire nation in 2015. At the age of 60, Giselle Shubenina gave birth. Many people instantly started criticizing the woman, saying that becoming a mother at this age is very unusual and unfair.

After their marriage, the couple soon welcomed a son into the world. However, things changed so drastically that the couple separated, and Giselle started raising the boy alone.

She meets a man who is 8 years her junior when she is 50.

However, they started to consider raising kids in the future. Even though Giselle was already past childbearing age, she still chose to conceive.

She disregarded the medical professionals, who did not urge her to do so. She thankfully persevered and gave birth to a healthy daughter.

The infant was born on January 16, 2015, and was given the name Cleopatra.

Giselle and her family received media attention as a result of this incident, and they were even given an invitation to the TV program.

She’s now seven years old. She has a great disposition and is energetic. Furthermore, she has no concern whatsoever about her parents‘ advanced age right now.

When the baby was born, according to Giselle’s memory, everyone around her predicted that the daughter would be ill and crippled. However, this is untrue because she is totally healthy and developing equally to her peers.

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