Granddaughter captures the powerful last moments of grandparents’ 60 years great love story

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This extraordinary beauty was preserved by Emily Hime so that everyone else could awe at it as well.

Emily made the decision to capture her grandmother’s dying moments as her cancer fight drew to a close.

What she witnessed beats any romantic tale, since it perfectly portrayed both the sensitive moments and the unadulterated, selfless part of true love.

The granddad of Emily Hime could not leave her grandmother and would frequently extol his love’s beauty.

Emily Hime described the end of her grandmother’s medical trip and how her grandfather had taken on the role of carer for his wife since she had grown so sick and frail.

He performed everything with extraordinary gentleness and patience, never once complaining despite the challenging and laborious task.

Emily lamented the fact that her grandfather had contacted her one day and asked her to prepare banners and decorations for him since he thought his wife would be returning home.

For his wife, Emily’s grandfather maintained his resolve and strength even after they had accepted her fate.

He made sure she understood how much he cared for her, and how his need for her alone was just as intense as it had been the day he had first met her.

During her dying days, Emily’s granddad consistently visited his wife’s bedside.

Thus, his remarks to her in her final hours on earth were just as delicate and caring as they had always been.

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