Grandfather made beautiful dolls for his grandchildren։ they are so beautiful

Positive Schwingungen

Joo Stanganelli Junior has vitiligo, so he is fully aware of what it’s like to have it.

Stanganelli’s self-confidence has been impacted by vitiligo, much like the tens of millions of other sufferers.

He made the decision not to give in to his illness, nevertheless.

He refused to let vitiligo defeat him, so he made his flaw into his strength.

The expert doll maker claims that creating these exquisite dolls is calming, gratifying, and addictive.

Being able to uplift and cheer up kids despite their circumstances is rewarding for him.

His very first doll, which he will never forget making, was made for his beloved granddaughter.

The concept of crocheting dolls was born when he created a doll that looked just like him but had white spots all over his skin.

Motivated by her noble mission, Stanganelli started making additional dolls that stood out, like dolls in wheelchairs.

He wished for his dolls to reflect people rather than just be disposable toys, especially those who had health problems.

We need more kind people like Stanganelli in the horrible world we live in today.

No matter what, never forget that you are unique and that you are still a part of this wonderful world.

More and more people, particularly children, are regaining their confidence as a result of Stanganelli’s exquisitely crocheted dolls.

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  1. Ruth Jackson

    Beautiful just like you. I love you handsome man.god created you just perfect. Love your dolls. Do you sell them ?