Upon learning of her grandmother’s deepest desire, the granddaughter prepared a speical surprise for her

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Having learned about her grandmother’s innermost desire, the granddaughter prepared a surprise for her – a photoshoot that captured her love with her husband for 60 years.

Bob and Judy Kissel from the US city of Rockford have been married for 60 years.

They met in the late 50s, fell in love and lived a happy life together.

On the eve of the “diamond” anniversary, Judy admitted to her granddaughter Tiffany that she had always dreamed of professional joint photographs with her husband. But in 60 years she had not taken them.

Tiffany could not believe what she heard. She, the owner of a photo studio, could help her grandmother for a long time. But she did not even know about her cherished desire.

The girl decided to prepare a surprise for her family.

Together with their mother, they secretly planned a photo shoot outside the city from Judy and Bob.

Grandparents thought they were going to visit, but ended up in the center of the filming process, organized especially for them.

Judy was excited, but soon got involved in the work, began to choose beautiful poses for photos and offer some ideas of her own.

Filming sometimes had to be interrupted. Overwhelmed with emotions, Judy and Bob sometimes broke down and took a break.

Grandma cried, touched by the surprise, but rejoiced at every minute of this memorable day.

And grandfather, a true gentleman by nature, meekly agreed with everything that his wife offered, and only kindly made fun of her.

Bob and Judy met in high school. Bob worked part-time at the grocery store, and Judy went there sometimes.

In those days, ladies were not supposed to carry purchases in their hands, so store employees carried them to the car.

One day, Bob escorted Judy to her car and she flirted a little with him. Then they met again by chance on the street, and then ended up in the same class when Bob, who did not pass the exam in one of the subjects, was forced to take the entire course again.

The couple soon started dating. After leaving school, Bob found a job in construction and bought his beloved a ring to show that he was serious.

“I was crazy about her and knew that one day she would become my wife,” the man recalls.

A couple of years later, Judy and Bob got married and drove to California on their honeymoon.

This trip was the best in their lives. After returning, they bought a house, gave birth to three children, who then gave them nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, the couple revealed some secrets to their happiness.

“Feed” the love inside you, not the anger, says Judy. Don’t hide your feelings from your partner. Do not be afraid to open up to your half, because he will listen to you, understand and love you, no matter what.

Bob agrees with his wife.

In his opinion, partners should not hush up problems and wait until the conflict goes too far.

“And never blame the other for everything,” he adds. “Both are always to blame for issues. Perhaps before pointing the finger at someone, it’s worth taking a step back and sorting out yourself. ”

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