Grandson takes his 92 years old grandma on epic adventure: they visited all US national parks

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You can do everything at any age.

Brad Ryan was startled to study that Joy, his 92 years old granny from Duncan Falls, Ohio, never saw a mountain range when he told her about his trek to the Appalachian Trail.

This means that his adored granny had never enjoyed the great outdoors or gone camping.

They began their journey from Mountains National Park as the grandmother and grandson pair.

They have officially completed their seventh year of the challenge, which was begun in 2015.

Once they get to the National Park of America this year, they will complete the challenge. Joy’s ability to go white water rafting,

scale mountains, and spend the night under the stars in the great national parks they visited, is a game-changer for her.

Along with the adventure, the grandmother and grandson’s connection has improved; they are now best friends.

Their trip attracted local, national, and even international interest as it spread like wildfire. Soon, offers from favorite businesses and travel agencies flooded in, greatly assisting them in completing their aim.

Brad and Joy are still open to the possibility of doing more, such as visiting state parks or maybe traveling to other countries, even though their great experience is likely to come to an end.

„It’s been a fantastic trip, it really has,“ Joy said. Really, this has been a time of great beauty.

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