Great Dane Turns Into Sweetest and Gentlest Giant Around His Humans’ Foster Kittens

Interessante Gerüchte

Corbin can appear daunting at first appearance.

When he’s at home, the black Great Dane weighs 150 pounds and takes up the majority of the sofa, but he wouldn’t kill a fly.

Over the years, Corbin has been a foster brother to dozens of newborn kittens, and he has always been their nicest, gentlest protector and buddy.

Corbin’s family acquired him when he was 8 months old and weighed „just“ 110 pounds roughly 5 years ago!

He likes other animals, but his family wasn’t sure he’d be coordinated enough to be around little kittens because of his size. He soon disproved their claims.

Many people believe he’s intimidating because he’s so enormous, but Corbin is the definition of gentle giant, according to his human mother, Karen.

„Corbin is the most laid-back love bug you’ll ever meet. He is really laid-back and approachable. „He enjoys being outside and going on walks,“ Karen explained.

She went on to say, „He also adores other animals.“ „He’ll play with any other dog or cat who will let him.“ Other animals that pique his interest are rabbits and squirrels. He isn’t interested in pursuing them. He’s just giddy when he sees them.“

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