The woman found a great solution for moose family to save from Alaskan heatwave and they seem to adore that

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It was so wonderful to observe how caring and compassionate mother animals are.

You would probably be amazed to see the unusual sight of baby moose playing on your lawn.

Candice, a man from Alaska recently had that chance of witnessing that unusual and unique scene.

In Alaska the temperature reached extreme heats and the most interesting is still ahead.

He noticed an Alaskan moose together with her twin calves in sorrow.

It was so heartbreaking to see how they suffer on that heat. The temperature was very hot for Alaska and it reached to nearly 21.6 C.

The man decided to invent a plan to help the sweet animals survive in that extreme weather.

The animals were so excited and happy about his decision

He turned on the sprinkler to help them easily endure that extreme weather.

That turned out to be such a good decision. These sweet animals happily played in the sprinkler.

It was hard to hide their excitement. While little babies were playing in the sprinkler their mother was carefully observing them.

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