The driver taught the people on the bus a good lesson

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The driver taught the people on the bus a good lesson

At the bus stop, an 80-year-old grandmother comes in and sits in a free place, I look at the whole picture.

She takes out a handkerchief and unfolds it (there is, of course, a trifle), she counts 16 rubles per ruble and asks the driver to stop.

The young driver of bus number 11 taught all the passengers a lesson. What he has done is simply amazing!

He stops everything as usual, the grandmother hands this money and says “thank you son”, but the driver didn’t take the money!

He took his wallet and asked to sit down for three minutes. Then he quickly runs into the store, buys 4 packs of milk, 2 sour creams, and buys pasta bread, and meat!

Grandma cried BITTER tears, thanked him, wished him good luck in everything, etc.

Then he got on the bus and a 40-year-old woman started saying, was it worth spending your money on some kind of thank you and also delaying our time?

The guy turned around, opened the door, and sent this woman away with the words: because of people like you, old people see all young people as badly behaved bastards because you can’t teach your children anything except hypocrisy and the hick!

She flew like a champagne cork out of that tomato-red bus!!!

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