This cute dog hugs the sweetest woman when he realizes he’s being rescued


This sweet rescue dog named Chowder will simply melt your heart!

Dogs are always thankful for what you do for them.

Chowder who got adopted from the shelter is beyond excited to protect herself from the rain!

The couple noticed a small animal who was trying to hide itself from the rain in the garage of the abandoned building.

This cutie was trying to hide himself under the mattress trying to escape the rain.

The husband went out to put out the trash and noticed the puppy trying to protect itself from the weather the best way he can.

He gave water and food to this sweet animal. After some time he contacted a shelter which came to take this 4-month-old cutie!

The sweet puppy was so excited to realize that he has been saved!

Chowder at first was so scared to see the woman wrapping a leash around his neck.

Then she held her in her arms and took immediately to the car.

This wonderful puppy put his head on the woman and hugged her.

It was maybe the most wonderful and the warmest hug in the world.

This cutie hugged the rescuer all the way long to the shelter.

He finally felt himself safe and protected. Now the dog is in the foster family where he learns how to behave himslef like a domestic dog and communicate with other animals!

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