He smoked 40 cigarettes a day when he was only 2 years old

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He smoked 40 cigarettes a day when he was only 2 years old here is the same boy at the age of 9Quitting is not easy, but it is important for your health and that of others.

If we are probably used to seeing high school students with a cigarette in their mouths at the end of class, we are really not used to seeing children with a cigarette in their mouths.

Photos of two-year-old Ardi Rizal spread like wildfire on the internet a few years ago.
Ardi had fallen into a serious nicotine addiction as a child and smoked two packs a day while playing with the other children.

The little boy was living with his family in a small town on the island of Sumatra outside Indonesia when photos of the 2-year-old began to spread.

In view of the media coverage of his photos, the authorities of the country decided to intervene and Ardi was able to quit smoking at the age of five.

His mother told The Sun that Ardi’s nicotine addiction was switched to another addiction, namely a food addiction.

In order for Ardi to quit smoking, the parents gave him junk food.

He quickly developed a new addiction, and his parents could no longer control him, obese, and his health was again in danger.

Fortunately, the right help can prevent most disasters at the right time. Ardi was helped by a dietician, and today he is fine.

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