He stretches out his hand towards the mouth of a donkey once his dog pushes him away with his paw to protect him


Seeing his master dangerously approach his hand from the mouth of a donkey, a dog decided to intervene to avoid the incident.

Like the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and most canine breeds traditionally bred to watch over herds, the Pyrenean Mastiff has a very strong protective instinct. He expresses it with his masters whenever he feels that they are in danger.

This is precisely what Coco, “Mastin del Pirineo” belonging to a young Spanish couple, did towards its owner. The scene was filmed by the latter’s partner, who then posted the video on TikTok where it went viral, reported the Daily Mail.

Barcelona native Cristina Castillo Alonso, her boyfriend Alvaro Gonzalez Iglesias and their dog Coco had stopped in front of an enclosure where there was a donkey. The trio approached the equine, which put its muzzle through the bars.

Under the watchful eye of the canine, the young man held out his hand in the direction of the donkey, which began to lick and nibble it.

To which Coco reacted by pushing it aside with a well-controlled kick, probably because he feared a bite from the animal.

Of course, there is no certainty that the donkey really intended to bite Alvaro Gonzalez Iglesias. The dog seemed to find the maneuver risky, judging by his attitude.

Anyway, Coco’s behavior is particularly touching and says a lot about the benevolence of our dogs.

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