He weighed 212 and she weighed 116: What a couple looks like who lost 150kg together

Positive Schwingungen

An intriguing tale of a loving couple who not only shed pounds but also transformed one another’s life!

Andrei and Masha’s stories happened simultaneously, so it would appear that they shouldn’t have crossed paths.

He is an athletic young man who gets married right away after experiencing his first true love.

After some time, they are divorced due to frequent arguments and misunderstandings.

Despite all of her activities, Maria struggled her entire life with the additional weight that progressively grew.

It increased in size every single year. The day after they met and fell in love, a chance internet match brought this couple together!

Everything in their relationship progressed quite rapidly – they started dating after a month and were engaged after two!

The young individuals appear to be content! However, the partners‘ increased weight came along with their contentment.

Maria made the decision to slim down after her father passed away, which she endured greatly.

This was implausible in and of itself because Andrei and his wife both weighed 212 pounds at the time.

Their fortune has changed! The metamorphosis started on a television project, where the couple was abducted.

The loads and workouts could still be completed by Maria, but Andrey gave everything his all.

They have both advanced considerably throughout the series, though. The man didn’t only make it to the final;

Maria even finished in second place that season! The couple realized that they couldn’t end their journey there!

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