Homeless woman refuses to go to shelter, because they don’t allow her dogs


Because of their dedication and unconditional love, we call dogs „men’s best companions.“ But how do we thank their extraordinary loyalty? Most of us probably won’t, but this woman certainly does!

Photographer Omar Camarillo recorded an elderly woman living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, shielding herself from the cold and rain with nothing but a plastic bag in a series of distressing pictures.

The tale behind it is both terrible and heartwarming. A sincere expression of love and compassion. The old lady has the option of moving into a shelter, but she refuses because she cannot leave behind her true companions — six dogs.

The woman, Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran, popularly known as ‚Chole,‘ is a 65-year-old local who has been living on the streets for 8 years and, despite the harsh conditions she has to suffer, the only thing she cares about is her devoted furry pals.

She always makes sure her dogs are fed before she concerns about herself.

Chole was approached by the local police when Camarillo was astonished by the moving scenes. Despite the authorities‘ best efforts to get her to enter a shelther, she refused.

The reason is incredible: the shelther refuses to let her dogs in.

She reportedly told the cops, „I don’t want to go, I don’t need help, I’m good here.“

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