The house seems beautiful from the outside but everyone refuses to buy it because of what is inside

Interessante Gerüchte

The house shown in the photo does not stand out from the outside. By the presence of flower beds with plants, it is easy to understand that people who like to do gardening live here.

And you can also conclude, looking at the building and the adjacent plot of land, that its owners love cleanliness and order.

It would seem that these people cannot surprise us with anything, because everything is decorous and traditional.

But you still have to be surprised if you look at the interior of the premises of this building.

Entering inside this house, you understand which color is the favorite of its owners. Violet.

Although, this may be an erroneous opinion. There is an assumption that this is just a persistent designer who loves purple, managed to convince the owners that it should be decisive in the interior of their house.

However, many may think that there is too much purple here. Everything is purple!

In the kitchen, purple walls go great with white kitchen furniture. Let’s go to the office. And here the purple color prevails.

Some may rightly ask themselves: is it realistic to set yourself up to work in a room where everything is purple?

The bedrooms are reminiscent of apartments in one of the hotels of the eternally festive Las Vegas.

And in the bathroom, you can literally bathe in purple!

Looking at all this, one wonders only why the owners of the house did not plant violets near the house, since they love purple so much.

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