How an adoptive mother of 10 children three of whom have Down’s syndrome

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The mission of adoption is both incredibly noble and challenging. Especially if your infant is „sunny.“ Julia’s life, and Skripnik’s story, are one of a kind.

Julia rears ten kids. There are just two organic ones. However, the mother claims that she does not distinguish between her children and those who are not hers. All of them are related.

Three of the adopted kids had Down syndrome at birth. With „sunny“ kids, as Julia herself admits, things are really not that simple.

Jane was a completely associative youngster as a result. He is essential with the others.

As a result, he was housed separately from the orphanage. Following the adoption, Jane was able to pick up the first half of the alphabet and started speaking regularly.

Stavrova-Skripnik spoke with several experts and took numerous classes to educate herself. Roman and Mery, two more „Mongolist“ kids, unintentionally walked into Yulia’s life.

It was requested that Stavrov-Skripnik conduct an interview with the prospective adoptive parents of Roma and Mary.

Yulia also had conversations with the kids. When the intended parents rejected her, she was so enthralled by their tale that she made the decision to take on the role of their adoptive mother herself.

Every day of the week, Julia is required to work nonstop with the kids.

The husband of Stavrova-Skripnik is a capable helper with child-rearing. The spouses make every effort to ensure the heirs have a successful future.

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