How is the life of a Thumbelina girl who will forever remain the size of a doll

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Type II microcephalic osteoplastic primary dwarfism is an uncommon condition. Simply explained, this is a highly complicated kind of dwarfism in which the body never grows.

And there are none in this situation. Abigail Lee is a young woman who had the unfortunate birth defect we’re going to reveal to you today.

At first sight, the scene appears rather commonplace: a baby is in a stroller, however, in this instance, the stroller is a doll-related toy.

It’s more convenient to play because both the girl and the toys are small.

Even though Abigail is already two years old, she weighs only 4 kg, as opposed to the recommended 20 to 30 kg.

His weight growth is around 1-2 grams per day.

The family also has Samantha, the oldest daughter, who is currently 4 years old. She is like a doll in comparison to Abigail.

Because the girl and the toys are both small, playing is more practical.

Despite being two years old, Abigail only weighs 4 kg, as opposed to the ideal 20 to 30 kg. He gains about 1-2 grams of weight every day.

Samantha, the oldest girl in the family, is currently 4 years old.

When compared to Abigail, she is a doll.

There’s a chance Abigail will be able to walk, but somewhat awkwardly.

She will be able to pursue her education and lead a long, fulfilling life, unless, of course, all the necessary circumstances are made available. But it won’t ever expand.

We wish the newborn a healthy future.

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