How is the life of a 22 years old girl locked in the body of an 8-year-old girl

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At 6 months, Shona was suffering from a rare form of brain cancer. The baby received chemotherapy, which affected his growth. Now it has only reached 1.17 cm.

This unusual girl even filmed a documentary called “I am Shauna Ray”. In this documentary, she shared the problems she constantly faces.

In addition, she cannot build her personal life, she rarely goes to discos and bars, because society perceives her as a child.

The fact that an adult woman is standing in front of someone when they first see her is completely lost on them.

According to Shona, most incidents take place when she wants to get a tattoo or join a gym.

Shona’s mother remembers how challenging it was for them while her daughter was receiving treatment, and she even feels bad that she is going through so many challenges right now.

However, the girl makes an effort not to dwell on her troubles. She has friends with whom she spends a lot of time, plays sports, and lives a very active lifestyle.

Shona asserts that despite her diminutive stature, she is prepared to show the world just how much she is capable of.

The girl’s pituitary gland practically stopped functioning after the procedure.

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