How it all began: she’s 31 and he’s 17 when they’re having a baby

Positive Schwingungen

The mother, Katherine, age 31, gave birth to a child.

The child’s father was only 17 years old.

A strange couple connected online. They were brought together by their mutual interests, but they gave each other little thought as people.

But you won’t just give up on love, I assure you.

Katherine learned she was pregnant a year and a half after they started dating.

She was far from childless because she was already a mother of two children, the eldest of which is 13 years old.

She ultimately made the decision to let the caregivers handle the child, though.

James chose to be an unorthodox father despite the lack of prerequisites. The age difference between her daughter and her new partner surprised her parents.

James, though, resisted caving into their rage, devoted himself to his daughter, and exercised caution around the older females.

Three years into their relationship, they don’t have any plans to end it. Katherine feels revitalized; perhaps this change is a result of her new role.

They are glad they have each other and are eager to create a family.

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