How many children have joined childless spouses through a miracle

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Despite being blissfully married for over three years, Andy and Sarah Justice have not been able to start a family.

The couple was advised after a series of tests that Sarah would not be able to carry her own kid and that the cause of her infertility was still unknown.

The medical team has advised you to think about IVF as a method of child conception.

Despite the fact that the procedure was expensive (costing between $30,000 and $60,000), their chances of success were less than 10%.

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Sarah and Andy ultimately decided to adopt a fetus.

Once the paperwork was signed, all that was left to do was wait for the birth of the biological mother.

However, the second scan showed that the expecting mother was actually carrying triplets.

This incidence is quite uncommon. The triplets‘ preterm delivery and small size prevented them from leaving the hospital right away.

Sarah suddenly fell pregnant while the medical staff was closely monitoring three kids (two girls and a boy).

Before our eyes, the couple’s lives were changing drastically, and they were unprepared for the quick rate of change.

Sarah’s pregnancy with twins was another unexpected occurrence.

All of this magic happened in 2014, and the couple had five kids in just 8 months. Their brood has grown to six at this stage.

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