How the tallest Pakistani lives and what are his plans: it is interesting

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Mudassir Gujjar, a 21-year-old from Pakistan, is making headlines for his towering height of 2 meters 31 centimeters.

He hopes to become the world’s tallest professional cricketer and play for the Pakistan national team.

Growing up, Mudassir was always taller than his peers. Even before graduating from primary school, he exceeded 180 centimeters.

His parents, Hashim Mohammed and Parveen, who are both of average height, were surprised by their son’s growth and worried about the potential problems it could cause.

In 2017, Mudassir was taken to see doctors in Lahore and Karachi, who explained that his height was due to a hormonal problem.

Despite this, he continued to grow and has not stopped at 2 meters 31 centimeters.

However, being so tall comes with its own set of challenges. Mudassir struggles to find clothing and shoes that fit him, as his foot size corresponds to 49 in Russia.

He complains that he can’t buy shoes or clothes in ordinary stores.

Despite these challenges, Mudassir is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cricketer and is determined to make the most of his unique height.

He is an inspiration to many, showing that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

He is unusual for society.

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