How was the fate of the girl who won about 300 beauty contests: now she is 17 years old

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He was admired by everyone. I was particularly drawn to her beauty and authenticity.

Eden Wood started competing in beauty pageants at the age of four and quickly rose to the top among kids her own age.

Two years later, she had won nearly 300 of them.

This lovely girl fell prey to her mother’s ego. She gave in to her demands and compromised the baby’s mental and physical health in order to earn millions of dollars.

A little star is known as Eden. 2005 saw the birth of Eden. The girl served as her mother’s love token and a means of boosting her fortune from day one.

Anyone who knew this family believed it to be true. When Eden was only four months old, everyone remarked on how stunningly lovely she was.

Thus, her mother Mickey Wood had the idea that her daughter ought to serve as a little role model for the entire world.

The young child, who had just turned one, made her debut appearance on a television program It was obvious from the start that the mother had worked hard to construct a persona for her child.

She brought her child to the solarium where she tried on clothes, makeup, and hairstyles.

This was done to evoke the idea of a living doll in the viewer’s head.

Soon after his first appearance on television, his mother’s wish for a lucrative contract started to materialize. Eden has consistently amused the crowd and won every tournament.

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