This cute dog is trying to hug the unborn sweet baby of her pregnant human because she adores her so much

Interessante Gerüchte

The animal world can never stop amazing us ! You have most probably understood that dogs form strong bonds with newborn babies.

It’s undeniable that they are able of forming string and sweet connections with newborn babies.

The most interesting part in our story is that the dog is impatiently waiting for her mother to give birth to her sweetie.

Penelope’s sister is blessed to have such a sweet fluffy brother like him!

This sweet not yet born baby lives with her mother Juliana and her lovely brother.

Since the day he knew Juliana is pregnant the dog acts in a very affectionate and caring way.

The pictures show us how Penelope tries to hug the belly of her human mother in attempts to hug the unborn baby.

This scene is truly so heartwarming! You will never get enough of it!

Penelope is a very affectionate and compassionate dog!

After noticing that her human mother is pregnant she became extra careful !

She loves the not yet born baby so much that she tries to use any possibility to give her a big hug through the belly !

Such a cutie! The dogs are babies‘ perfect best friends. They are able to form strong emotional bonds with them even until they are born.

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