I breastfeed my five years old and won’t stop: the people call me sick and abuser

Interessante Gerüchte

Mrs. Lauren McLeod breastfeeds her five years old son. Lauren who is 29is breastfed her son and daughter.

Laurenwas continuing to feed her kid, who is five years old, but she swears she will never let them down.

She has been called „sick“ and an „abuser“, but she affirms that it is what is best for her family.

Son is now only breastfed at night thanks to Lauren’s new boundary-setting.

„A lot of the unfavorable views people have about breastfeeding are frequently influenced by cultural prejudice and a lack of knowledge on the subject, which is one of the reasons I share my story: to make others aware of how physiologically normal natural term nursing is.

„She added, „My son, daughter and I have a great connection.

I’m so thankful that I can give them the calm and safety they experience while they were breastfeeding, as well as nurture their new growing kids and clever brain with my natural breastmilk.

„If we hadn’t been breastfed, I’m sure our attachment would have been just as strong.

But this is simply what functions for everyone.

Lauren wished to spread her experience on the news.

Mother is ready for everything for her kid’s healthy, safe, and lovely life.

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