He hasn’t showered for two years because the municipality refuses to renovate his bathroom

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„I was told I had to relocate to another flat before I could get in-house housing, but none of the properties I looked at in line were only suited for a disabled person,“  said Michael, 56, a resident of the Weston place.

Southampton is one of 10 places in England and Wales where people with disabilities must be waiting, more than a year before they can file a claim, according to a report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

After that, applicants have another 18 months to wait for the project to be finished.

Today, a member of Southampton City Council claimed that the delays were caused by the high demand for home renovations.

Although he wouldn’t reveal how a lot of people are waiting on the list, a spokeswoman said that delays were beginning to shorten.

According to a report released in 2016, the subsidies, which were based around a specific sum, have assisted over 40,000 people annually since its establishment in 1989 to live in more affordable accommodation.

However, a person’s needs must be evaluated by an occupational therapist before they can apply for financing.

The Southampton City Council mentioned the following statement: „Disability support applications are frequently complicated, and the period from initial application, approval, and closure varies greatly depending on workload and the person’s needs.

The availability of homes designed specifically for those with disabilities needs to be significantly increased, according to activists.


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