The sweet identical bonded pit bulls are happy to finally meet their father for the first time

Interessante Gerüchte

The bond that animals are able to create and maintain.

This cute couple was inseparable and they were adopted together !

They were both adopted from the same inhumane conditions.

These two simply can’t imagine living without each other.

The staff at the rescue did their best to make these cuties‘ dream come true.

Harbin Animal rescue saves the lives of dogs from the dog meat trading.

When they were first notified about it, they immediately rushed to save their lives.

The volunteers could save the life of nearly 13 dogs and took them to the vet clinic to get the proper medical care.

Two rescued dogs named Backpack and Toad nearly looked the same.

The rescuers noticed that their bond was strong and they can’t live without each other.

A year later the volunteers found an ideal paw-rent for them both in Los Angeles.

Jed was excited to take care of this unique pair of dogs.

These cuties had been captive whole their life.

Backpack who is usually afraid of humans surprisingly went straight to him and kissed his ear.

Jed said that this pair is different from all the others whom they took care of.

He didn’t force them to do anything or even didn’t try to domesticate them.

They were both so intelligent and smart! Toad according to Jed’s words is very playful and sociable.

He was always happy and playful with a big smile on his face.

The sweet dog doesn’t like when someone gets angry on him.

Toad is very active and playful ! Jed is so excited and thankful to meet them both in his life!

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