Breaking news: new sighting of Migaloo, the world’s favorite and unique white whale


This unique white whale Migaloo surprises everyone by returning to the shores of Australia earlier than people though he would come.

The pictures of the whale swimming off Victoria state’s south coast has admired the fans of the white whale Migaloo !

“ It was obvious that there is more than one white whale here and there’s a statistics saying that there’s humpback whales that are white but not fully“ Dr. Pirotta said.

Migaloo was first noted in 1991 and from that time the whale was seen in the Australian waters.

The whale is so unique and different. It attracts everyone with its beauty!

As the whale was unique and original, people want to know more information about him.

“ Migaloo whale is very sociable and friendly and often likes to spend time with his friend Milo.“

Migaloo is translated as “ white fella in many languages.

We are not sure that this is the white whale for sure as the animal is a part of east population.

This unique story hopefully had your heart too!

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