A touching story: she is midwife and there is a baby name she can’t stand

Interessante Gerüchte

Choosing the ideal name for your newborn is harder than you might imagine.

There are other factors to take into account, such as their potential nickname and the number of persons with the same name.

One midwife, though, admitted that she can’t stomach one name, despite the fact that many parents still chose it.

She had surely encountered awful names during her five years in a hospital, but Nevaeh was the worst.

What baby names cry „My parents think they’re classy but without taste?“ she replied.

She described it as „Nevaeh. It is heaven backward“, „As for me this was one of the most popular names“.

Every person who announced that was the kid’s name honestly thought they were choosing something exceptional and distinctive.

Nobody among us has ever had the courage to inform me of them.

„I didn’t love the moniker from the beginning“ the midwife admitted.

I believe naming a child after a location where people are rumored to go when they die is simply courting fate“ she continued.

A name affects a person’s destiny. The right choice of name helps a person to be confident.A person should love his name. He should be proud of his name.






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