In a single American hospital nine nurses unexpectedly became pregnant at the same time

Interessante Gerüchte

Nine employees are simultaneously preparing for the decree in the maternity unit of a hospital in Maine, which is experiencing a surge unlike any other.

A difficult moment is being experienced by the leadership of a sizable hospital in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.

She is actively seeking replacement employees because nine nurses will all be out on maternity leave at the same time.

But it turned out to be so fantastic and funny that they were just happy to work for the employers and responded.

Pregnant staff members participated in a photo shoot that was shared on the clinic’s Facebook page.

In some images, there are nine pregnant women visible, although, in others, only eight were permitted to do so.

The hospital’s nurses are all obstetricians.

The first of their offspring should appear between April and July.

It is the second, third, or even fourth child that some families give birth to.

Some women will also give birth to children.

But they regarded themselves as experienced professionals and working mothers.

Women are naturally adept at raising children and are always well-equipped for whatever lies ahead.

Women who are expecting have reported feeling valued and supported at work.

The women who were present were eager to reunite for another group photo, but this time they brought their infants

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