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The Hursts have taken in two four-year-old Chinese girls who are blind.

Evie, who weighed only 5 kg, had trouble sitting and standing. The girls currently reside in the USA. The Hurst family is parenting a son who was adopted, as well as three other children.

Evie started having seizures when she was eight years old, necessitating the use of an electroencephalogram.

Evie has post-traumatic stress disorder and is extremely terrified of medical professionals.

Preparation for the test takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Due to the child’s restless behavior, the nurses were concerned that they would not be able to finish everything in time.

The nurse requested the girl to sing since she knew how much she loved music. Emma Wymer, a music therapist at Mott, assisted the infant.

The girl relaxed and focused on her singing. She requested that her mother take the video. She merits acknowledgment.

Furthermore, she radiates brightness everywhere she goes and really exudes a spirit of a survivor,» said the girl’s mother, Katie Hurst.

The first time she was bathed, her parents discovered she enjoyed the music. A Chinese song was sung by the infant.

The girl finds that singing helps her get over her dread of going to the doctor or being in a strange area.

„She has learned to transfer her focus from what was happening, which was frightening her, to singing and calming down through singing,“ said the teacher.

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