In the middle of the forest the puppies sat in a collapsible box and were soaked in the rain


Rusla had just seen a friend and was heading back home. She made her way into a tiny forest as night fell outside.

She heard faint moaning as she proceeded along the route.

Rusla found a tattered box that was wet with rain while searching for the source of the noise.

Five puppies, still very young and very cold, were inside the box.

The puppies wailed even harder and snuggled together for warmth when they spotted the guy.

The puppies jumped out of the box when they heard Ruslan’s voice, running to him and attempting to clamber up his legs as if it were their final chance to be saved.

Ruslan understood that only he could save the puppies because no other man would be able to take this route today.

The man carried the puppies home after wrapping them in his sweater.

Numerous cats and four dogs that were with Ruslan in a rented flat were cared for by him as part of his charity work with animals.

When Ruslan got home, he discovered that the puppies had just been born and had not yet learned how to eat for themselves.

He had to feed them infant formula.

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