The cow’s maternal instincts made her hide her newborn baby in various places every day

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This unique and heartwarming story is about Clarabelle, a cow who was rescued from a dairy life.

It’s important to note that the cow’s life hasn’t always been easy!

Thanks to the kind-hearted volunteers saving her was not a big issue.

However, what they didn’t understand is that the cow is pregnant.

Clarabelle used to give birth to her calves at the farm before but all of them were always taken away from her.

You can imagine just how difficult it was for her to experience the separation from her baby.

A week before the staff expected her to give birth she started to behave strangely.

They decided to investigate her to find out the reason for that.

It seemed she was looking for something by walking on the grounds.

They researched the territory and found out that she hid her baby under the grass.

It was obvious that she had that baby a few days ago as the calf was clean and dry.

By hiding her baby from people, she was trying to protect her!

It’s very tragic for the cows to be separated from their babies for a long time.

They have very developed “maternal instincts“.

Clarabella knew what it was to lose babies and this time she just decided to protect her baby!

Such a cute and heartwarming story showing us the true colors of animals!

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