This kind-hearted man is so dedicated to his kangaroos that created a home for them

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This kind hearted man named Chris Barnes has done something truly wonderful for kangaroos.

His love for kangaroos has driven him to create his small natural reserve.

The man truly tried hard by working in a 45 degree heat in order to create a home for these wonderful kangaroos.

The man got a name Kangaroo Dundee and he is very dedicated to protecting kangaroos.

He is very dedicated to his vision of making animals feel good and protected.

Very often kangaroos call him father, but that’s not really like that in reality!

He is a real mother for them and he takes care of them a lot!

Kangaroos number is rising with days. Chris takes care of them, feeds them with a bottle every four hours.

What’s the most interesting is that he makes sure kangaroos feel safe and sleep in comfort!

The man earns money by doing the job he likes to do.

The man is truly dedicated to the kangaroos and is super excited to have them in his life.

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