It’s hard to believe but in front of you are the identical twins: they are so adorable

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What comes to mind when we hear the phrase „twins“?

Yes, two identical—or at least strikingly similar—people. Look at those twins now.

What features do they share? This is Sherik and Terik Eliot, and despite the fact that her brother has a dark complexion, the daughter was born albino.

The girl’s appearance has no bearing on their strong bond or their love for one another.

What’s most intriguing is that the girl’s older sibling has the same trait as the family.

She is albino and owing to her baby, Sherik was able to embrace herself as she is.

When she first met the baby girl, the sister said she was overjoyed. She was overjoyed that the infant resembled her.

Sheik frequently hears other kids making fun of her appearance, but she makes an effort not to take it personally.

The young woman is aware that she is just like everyone else.

Everything can happen in this world. We never say that something is impossible.

When we speak about twins, we understand two people look like each other very much. But you can’t do anything against nature. You have to accept that nothing is impossible in the world.

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