It’s so touching: a 92 years old grandmother came to her grandson’s wedding

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Corey Dunlop, a 28-year-old Australian, had a dream that his 92-year-old grandmother Miriam would be able to attend his wedding.

Miriam, who relies on a wheelchair and is unable to walk, faced certain obstacles in making the trip.

However, Corey was determined to make it happen. With the help of a special service that assists in these types of situations, Corey was able to successfully bring his grandmother to his wedding.

Corey made sure to capture as many photographs of his grandmother as possible, as he knew that these memories would be treasured forever.

He and Miriam have been close for nine years, and now that they are getting married, they will be joining the family in a new way.

„Family is a huge part of our lives and my grandmother is one of the most important people to me,“ Corey says. He lost his mother a few years ago and his grandmother’s presence at his wedding was extremely important to him.

Corey speaks fondly of his grandmother’s sense of humor and how she is able to make everyone around her laugh.

This joy and laughter were evident at the wedding, where Miriam was able to „rock to the max“ and bring happiness to everyone present.

The experience of having his grandmother attend his wedding was a storm of emotions for Corey.

He felt tears of joy and warmth in the hugs he shared with his grandmother. It was a special moment that Corey will always remember and cherish.


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