Jury surprised to find 12 years old girl singing Tina Turnеr classic

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Jury surprised to find 12-year-old girl singing Tina Turnеr classic.

We love music, discovering new voices, and new styles, but also listen to the classics and songs that we have loved for many years.

For example, we are very big fans of Tina Turner so obviously, when a young talent shows up on a singing show saying he wants to perform a Tina Turner hit, we are delighted!

Fayth Ifil, a little girl aged just 12, entered Britain’s Got Talent competition and her performance ended with a standing ovation!

Despite her young age, she chose a real classic, and not just any old classic: the magnificent song by the great Tina Turner, Proud Mary!

It’s by no means an easy song, but Fayth’s rendition was an instant hit!

After a few seconds on stage, the public and the jury were already enthusiastic about his personality.

When she started singing, everyone was bowled over by the talented little girl!

It’s really great to see how she performs the song and surprises the audience. Really amazing!

If you want to know exactly what we’re talking about. We are sure you will not regret it! If you

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