Kay Underwood is a girl allergic to laughter: It’s always interesting to see such things

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To conceive a life without entertaining, boisterous friends, entertaining gatherings, and comedies or melodramas must be difficult.

And here is Kay Underwood, a young English woman, in real life. When Kay was very small, her cousin once frightened her, causing the infant to fall asleep for five minutes.

The girl then starts to lose consciousness anytime she feels any emotion. The cause of the body’s response to different emotions has been investigated by doctors.

Girl claims that her new pals hardly ever take her word for it, and they often wonder what will happen if you make her laugh.

They also assume Kay is tricking them after she collapses because they cannot understand how real what is happening is.

A female once passed out forty times each day! In addition to all of this, the girl has narcolepsy. Anywhere and at any time, Kay can nod off to sleep.

Despite this, Kay is not deterred; the girl has a great attitude and is hopeful for the future. She also enjoys telling jokes.

Scientists from California have attempted to assist the girl numerous times, but so far their efforts have been unsuccessful; even shock therapy has been ineffective.

Scientists are certain that the girl requires high blood sugar since that will prevent the hormone from being produced.

True, it remains virtually impossible to accomplish this in real life. Theoretically, researchers are looking for a way to provide a girl’s body artificially more glucose.

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