Lifeless 2 years old swimmer is pulled from pool: then quick thinking teen jumps into action

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A teenager rescued a swimmer 2 years old from a pool after he accidentally fell in. Her fast thinking allowed her to intervene and saved the young boy’s life!

7 years old sees a boy’s body at the bottom of the pool and dives in right away.

Savennah Mendes Rodrigues, 19, heard cries for aid outside lately when she was learning at home.

When she returned to the kitchen, she noticed a young child lying on the floor. „He fell in the pool,“ she recalled them saying.

Savennah, who has her CPR certification, acted swiftly to assist the 2 years old son.

Heroic Teen Saves 2 years Old Swimmer.

„I was genuinely very relaxed. While everyone was panicking in the background, I simply began to chest of compressions until arriving He appeared to be sleeping because his eyes were closed. However, you never know for sure, so I did

what I was instructed and started chest compressions until help arrived.“

The toddler was transferred to a hospital by the paramedics after they arrived to take over. He is anticipated to recover, and Savennah’s intervention helped him survive!

I wasn’t really thinking; I was just kind of At that moment, like, „Oh my god, oh, I think I just saved him,“ said Savennah.

Because God put the right people in the right place at the right time, a man was saved from a burning car.

God blesses this brave young man who saved the life of a child.

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