Litter crew cleaning the road finds pint-sized pup someone discarded as trash

Interessante Gerüchte

Litter crews from the Indiana Department of Transportation were cleaning a highway in Indiana when they discovered an unexpected, but lovely find.

Members were clearing up rubbish when they came across a little dog who was alone on the side of the road.

Before getting the nice pooch to safety, they took a few photographs with him.

The Indiana Department of Transportation posted the photographs on different Social Media websites and other shelter pages.

The puppy was saved and got its parents.

Stating that one of the crew members had taken the puppy home and will have him examined for a microchip as soon as possible.

It’s unclear if the puppy belonged to someone and was abandoned, or if it was born a stray. But then everything was clear.

Therefore, he is now secure and out of harm’s way, which is fortunate because he would not have lived much longer by the side of the road without food or drink.

If the puppy does not have a microchip and no owner is discovered, he will either be put up for adoption or adopted by a member of the team.

But, therefore, thank God, he is so lucky!

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